Jo Delafons is a London born artist working in mixed media.

Jo Delafons

Jo Delafons is a London born artist who works in mixed media. She has work in private collections around the UK and abroad.  She has a BA Hons in Fine Art textiles and a mixed media postgrad. Originally working in embroidery and mixed media, her work is characterised by its diversity, though a sensitivity to materials and process underpins all she does.

Recent work has focused on her relationship to her surroundings as she walks.  Using a concertina style sketch book , her work literally unfolds like a journey. She takes the viewer along with her, pointing out small things of interest along the way and capturing the feel and spirit of each changing vista as you turn corners and traverse paths and hills. Working outdoors from observation, primarily in in pen and wash, she aims to capture the unique essence of each place and convey her feelings about it.

In seeming contrast, her abstract paintings and cast paper reliefs explore the essence of being within a landscape but are process led, developing from an exploration of properties inherent in the materials and processes used. Marks and lines are held within the surface, or sanded down to Recent works explore the idea of traces, paths and journeys and exploit mark making on plaster using powered graphite, ink, watercolour and wax.  

She now lives and works between London where she teaches, and Shoreham by Sea , where she has a studio.


— Exhibitions —

Boats; Shoreham, December 2016